Bump Off Face & Beard Conditioner 6 oz

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Bump Off Face & Beard Conditioner provides closer, more comfortable razorblade shave. Leaves face feeling smooth and refreshed.

  • Eliminates Shaving Irritation
  • Helps Sensitive Skin
  • Relieves Razor Bumps
  • Soothes & Comforts
  • Contains No Alcohol

Bump Off Face & Beard Conditioner is great for preventing shaving irritation, razor bumps on sensitive skin. Soothes skin and helps prevent razor burn or bumps. Conditions skin and facial hair. Does not contain alcohol so it is gentle on even the most sensitive skin.


Before Shaving: For a closer, more comfortable razor blade shave, apply Bump Off Face & Beard Conditioner generously. Rub in briskly allowing a few moments for it to penetrate and “relax” your beard. then apply Bump Off Cool Shave Gel or any shave cream and shave as usual. Aslo apply before shaving with any electric shaver or trimmer.


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